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My name is Vidya, I am Blackfeet and Lakhota. U can visit My other homepage when it is completed. I've done all my viewers a favore! I had added some sites about Natives (Aboriginal Americans)! People ask me questions like:
"Can u please put more info aboutIndians! "
"Can u put a picture of u up here!"
"Can u put a bibliography about u on your home page!"
Yes there are other questions but these are the main ones i get! As for the first question, lets get some things settled! Indians are from India! Native means aboriginal! I am Native American meaning i am "Aboriginal American". The first American! Question number two I have my picture up already! And the final question but not least of them all well i have to get my notes straight! oh here are some of MY OTHER SITES!
This is a GENEOLOGY site as well!
This is a Genealogy Site

Ok! for those of you that decide to stay on this page, its obvious that you would like to know more about me! well here it is: Name: Vidya
age: 21
D.O.B: June 28,1977
Sign(s): Cancer western, and Snake Chineese
College: NYIT
Major: Business Management, Computer Science
Minor: Medicine
Home: Queens, NY
Sports: Tennis
Favorite Pass Time: Walking, Computers, reading, etc
Heritage:Native American (50%) and Black

Now! go on and enjoy the rest of my sites!